In today’s rapidly evolving world, diversity and inclusion have become fundamental pillars for companies striving to create a harmonious and thriving work environment. Understanding the unique talents and perspectives that individuals from diverse backgrounds bring to the table is vital for fostering innovation and driving success.

It is against this background that we welcomed Larissa Camargo, Senior HR Analyst at our Curitiba manufacturing plant in Brazil who gave an insightful presentation on the “Inclusion of People with Autism Spectrum”. Larissa, who is a psychologist specialising in organisational human development, spoke eloquently on how we can all learn from each other, no matter how different we may seem.

“One of my passions is talking about diversity and inclusion, and this week Bundy Refrigeration gave me the opportunity to speak about inclusion of people on the autism spectrum.

“This was possible because Bundy is an inclusive company who have leaders who embrace the cause!” said Larissa.

Bundy wholeheartedly recognises this importance and is committed to embracing diversity and the inclusion of people on the autism spectrum. The belief in equal opportunities for all is ingrained in the company’s DNA.

The company benefits from the diverse perspectives and out-of-the-box thinking that individuals can bring to problem-solving and innovation. Ultimately, the success of Bundy stands on the power of inclusion and the strength of a diverse workforce.

In a world where diversity and inclusion are increasingly valued, Bundy sets an inspiring example by recognising the importance of embracing individuals on the autism spectrum. By cultivating an environment of acceptance, providing tailored support, and empowering employees to reach their full potential, Bundy is paving the way for a future where everyone can thrive, regardless of neurodiversity.

A huge thank you to Larissa, David Vogel, Laboratory Coordinator at Bundy Refrigeration and everyone involved.