Executive team

Chris McGeehan

Chris McGeehan

Group Chief Executive Officer

As a successful experienced executive operating internationally, Chris’s career has taken him from the practical managing of operations and services to overall responsibility for directing operational and financial business performance.

Throughout his career Chris has focused on attaining technical and business excellence by consistently delivering and exceeding set objectives. This approach has helped Chris lead companies from start-up, through extensive change and controlled expansion, moving smaller businesses into fully integrated business units operating within large PLCs.

Chris has wide-ranging experience in acquisitions, fund raising, disposals, underperforming businesses, distressed businesses, family businesses lacking succession capability and management buy-outs. His success stems from clarity of focus, hard work, persistence and resilience in the face of resistance and adversity, excellent technical knowledge, commercial insight and astuteness, and the ability to engage, inspire and motivate people.


Paolo Romeo

Paolo Romeo

Group Sales & Marketing Director

Paolo Romeo began his career as a structural analyst, after completing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.

With more than 25 years’ experience, Paolo has a long track record of success in procurement and business development initiatives, as well as general management, first in the automotive sector then in the domestic appliances business.

A target-driven, strategic thinker, Paolo is a confident negotiator able to deal with complex organisations. Paolo is experienced in a global setting, comfortable with international clients and managing personnel across a variety of geographical centres.

Paolo has in-depth technical knowledge and broad commercial expertise and is a motivational leader with strong interpersonal skills. He has an innovative, pragmatic and passionate approach and is a key contributor to enhancing as well as deploying the company culture.


Wenceslau Carvalho

Wenceslau Carvalho

Vice President Americas

Wenceslau has more than 30 years of experience acquired with multinational companies, including Alcan (Novelis), BASF and Confab Brazil. Starting his working life with Bundy as an intern on product development engineering, Wenceslau worked his way up the organisation to become general manager and Bundy’s US business development director. He is now a member of the executive team and holds the position of Vice President, Americas.

With extensive business experience, Wenceslau has conducted negotiations with customers and suppliers across the US and Latin America. He has knowledge of a variety of areas across the organisation, including finance, process engineering, HR and manufacturing.

Communication, strong negotiation skills and a hands-on approach have been key to his success in business development, as an engineer and a manager.


Inan Onelge

Inan Onelge

Vice President Turkey

As a qualified engineer, Inan began his career as a Quality Engineer before being promoted to business unit manager. Having worked with various multinational firms as a plant manager, Inan took on responsibility for Bundy operations in Turkey in 2017, and in 2018 he was appointed general manager of Bundy Refrigeration Turkey and Hungary.

With an extensive career in refrigeration, Inan has experience in manufacturing systems, engineering and quality systems. He is an expert on welding and assembly processes and has played a key role in several lean transformations.

His leadership style is focused on excellence, coaching and directive mentoring and Inan’s experience and personal qualities have enabled him to manage various company transformations, whilst creating a collaboratıve environment.


Sertuğ Özgür

Sertuğ Özgür

Group Chief Financial Officer

As a determined finance professional, Sertuğ is experienced in a variety of industries with multinational companies, ranging from the oils and fats industry to household appliances.

He has directed a range of functional and operational finance management tasks, including strategic business planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial statement analysis, costing, cash flow management, capex management, audit and tax.

Throughout his career, Sertuğ’s main objective has been improving business performance and ensuring accurate and timely reporting. He is adept at identifying challenges and proposing solutions to management teams and business owners.

Sertuğ’s strength stems from his hard work, confidence, analytical thinking, technical knowledge, self-motivation and resistance in the face of complex environments.


Jim Peden

Jim Peden

Vice President Europe

Jim Peden brings a wealth of experience to Bundy’s operations in Germany and Italy. His expertise in capital investment delivery, asset management and operational excellence are key to his role as Vice President in this important region.

Jim graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen and holds an MBA from the University of Bradford, England. His career includes a host of international achievements having worked in the UK, Europe, Middle East and North America.

Throughout an impressive career in engineering and management, Jim has delivered board level guidance and expert advisory services, covering strategic developments, operational transitions and investments, and FID diligence transactions to PLC, AIM companies and independent clients.


Key management

Jamie Searle

Jamie Searle

Group Corporate Assurance Manager

Jamie is a highly experienced HSEQ and corporate assurance professional who oversees Bundy Refrigeration’s corporate standards.

Having worked with clients in many countries, cultures and sectors, Jamie brings a wealth of global experience to support Bundy Refrigeration as it applies fair, honest, respectful, and safe standards across its business units.

His key strengths are in environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting, including corporate social responsibility (CSR) and climate change. His expertise also includes establishing standards in business ethics and business conduct as well as managing external providers within supply chains.

Jamie acts as an HSEQ and corporate assurance consultant for Quensh HSEQ Specialists, a global HSEQ consultancy appointed by Bundy Refrigeration as its HSEQ and business conduct advisor.


Jeremy Dearman

Jeremy Dearman

Group Internal Auditor

Jeremy has enjoyed a distinguished career in private practice and as a financial director for companies in the UK, Europe and Far East.

With a ‘big four’ audit background with Ernst & Young LLP, Jeremy is strong on financial analysis, consolidation, audit, tax and due diligence.

Among his accomplishments are corporate integration and restructuring projects, implementation of ERP projects and large capital project financing. He is proficient in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and US GAAP, the accounting standard adopted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Jeremy has wide industry experience including the energy sector and has practised in retail, real estate, transport and haulage, automotive, information, technology and media.

He is a skilled motivator and approachable leader with a high level of technical acumen, drive and openness.


Lucas Costacurta

Lucas Costacurta

Engineering & Procurement Manager

Lucas is a mechanical engineer with over 25 years of experience in multinational companies like Schneider Electric, Sanmina and Diebold Nixdorf acting in the fields of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering.

His background includes management experience in all manufacturing processes including product development, quality, process and industrial engineering, material planning, distribution centre management, costs and management of business units.

During his career, Lucas accomplished important projects such as the transfer and startup of new plants and the turnaround of business performance. He has experience in structured work to reduce costs, building teams focused on results, and implementation of new products and processes.

Lucas is analytic in his approach, focused on results, and has strong management skills based on LeanSix Sigma methodology to deliver operational excellence.

He started at Bundy Refrigeration in 2017 as a consultant, taking over as Curitiba plant manager in 2018.


Luiz Silva

Luiz Silva

Operations Manager, Brazil

Luiz Silva has a degree in mechanical engineering, a postgraduate degree in business administration, and an MBA in corporate finance. His career spans 26 years directing national and multinational companies in the automotive, electronics, and automation equipment fields, and in operations management covering planning, logistics, procurement, maintenance, production, quality, and engineering departments.

Luiz has extensive experience in managing and reorganising manufacturing operations through gains in productivity (labour, OEE, outsourcing, logistics, procurement, and VSM), improving service levels and quality, implementing HSE culture, and experience in certification (ISO, ROHS, TS, and VDA 6.3) and the implementation of culture, measuring results through KPIs, as well as ensuring standards are maintained.

Luiz Silva is a Black Belt in Six Sigma and a specialist in Lean-manufacturing.

He joined Bundy Refrigeration in October 2021.


Sergio Wuensche

Sergio Wuensche

Finance Manager, Brazil

Sergio is a chartered accountant with a 30-year career working in multinational companies, including seven years at KPMG. His experience includes a wide range of business activities, from manufacturing to environmental services, acting as Head of Finance/CFO, leading financial planning and analysis, general and cost accounting, tax, treasury management, reporting and audit. He has also led other back-office areas (HR, IT, procurement, legal and facilities).

Over the years, Sergio has participated in due diligence and turnaround projects, where he has helped to improve business and operational performance, driving change, and reducing month-end close using Lean Six Sigma approach.

Sergio is proficient in IFRS and US GAAP, with knowledge in UK GAAP. He speaks fluent English and Spanish, has a good level of German and some knowledge of French and Italian. He has lived in Germany and Chile.

His strengths include analytical thinking, technical knowledge, self-motivation and resilience, and being a motivational team leader.


Matteo Codecasa

Matteo Codecasa

Head of Product Development

Matteo is a mechanical engineer with over 15 years of experience in R&D for product development and innovation in heat transfer and energy conversion technologies, with a particular focus on bridging the gap between the design concept of new technical solutions and the creation of innovative and commercially viable products.

His career as an expert R&D engineer includes key roles in network research for the engineering of new energy conversion technologies, and as product development manager in heat-pump, cooling appliances and components.

He joined Bundy Refrigeration in 2014 with a major role in the R&D team for product development focused on improving innovation processes and time-to-market effectiveness as a key factor in the successful launch of new products. With responsibility of R&D resources for functional design, cooling analysis and engineering, prototype modelling and experimental laboratory, Matteo substantially contributed to conceiving and implementing a new generation of components for the cooling cycle, offering cutting-edge features and improved performance in all product lines.


Gian Luigi Freddo

Gian Luigi Freddo

Plant Manager, Italy

Gian Luigi’s career began in the automotive industry, where he worked as an application engineer and then a project manager, with a particular interest in building prototypes.

His career with Bundy Refrigeration began 17 years ago, beginning as a quality engineer before becoming sales manager handling a number of key customer portfolios.

Throughout his career, Gian Luigi has managed many ISO certifications and is adept at implementing effective quality systems. His technical background has enabled Gian Luigi to concentrate on quality management and he became quality manager for Bundy’s Italian operation in 2009 before taking on responsibility for the group in March 2019.

Gian Luigi is a professional who focusses on professional respect, trust and the importance of developing trustful relationships with customers and colleagues alike.


Görkem Poyracıklı

Görkem Poyracıklı

Plant Manager, Turkey

Görkem has a degree in mechanical engineering and a postgraduate degree in business administration. He began his career as a design engineer in a company that made press die and injection moulds for the automotive and white goods industries.

He joined Bundy Turkey as production engineer in 2019 and has played a key role in increasing efficiency, documenting job descriptions, and lean production study/planning.

Görkem took on a critical role in relocating Bundy Turkey to its new Manisa plant in 2020, and managed the smooth transition through hard work, sound planning and discipline.

His strengths include analytical thinking, technical knowledge and a disciplined approach to work. He is now applying these strengths to his new position as plant manager of our modern facility in Turkey.


Mikó János

Mikó János

Plant Manager, Hungary

Mikó began his career as a programmer technician with a semiconductor manufacturing company. He was responsible for diode measurement programmes and commissioning new production lines.

He later worked in the automotive industry as a production planner overseeing everything from semi-finished production to assembly, making sure quantity and quality standards were met.

He joined Bundy Refrigeration as a process engineer in 2014 and within three years took on the role of maintenance and engineering leader of our facility in Hungary.

His extensive knowledge and experience in PLC programming of automation machines on major projects for Bundy Refrigeration and other companies is a major asset.

Mikó was appointed plant manager in 2021.