Refrigeration specialist Bundy Group (Bundy) is heading towards greener cooling after conducting a worldwide audit of its operations. The business was supported by HSEQ specialists Quensh to analyse its operations over a six-month period.

Bundy, which is owned by Glasgow-based Grandholm Production Services and has manufacturing facilities in Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Turkey, underwent the extensive analysis of its activities, in order to provide a baseline from which to reduce its environmental impact.

Bundy, which employs 1000 people, specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of heat transfer and cooling systems for the world’s major domestic and commercial refrigeration appliance manufacturers.

The analysis called upon personnel at every facility to challenge energy and water usage, waste, and emissions. The information gathered formed part of the CDP disclosure report to meet customer demands and forthcoming regulations for environmental performance.

After completing the analysis, Bundy developed targets for all locations, with each plant utilising the experience of other countries in order to reduce energy and water usage and lower emissions.  As part of its targets, Bundy is committed to putting measures in place to save on average 4.4% of its annual energy consumption between now and 2030.

The audit and target setting are part of the company’s ongoing commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, led by a dedicated global team, Bundy Green. The initiative was established in 2018 to focus on the impact of European energy directives and greenhouse gas emissions. The group is also in the process of developing products to meet these challenges, using its technology expertise.

Quensh, which has been offering HSEQ services for over 15 years, offers a unique suite of services to support businesses to manage their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) compliance. This bespoke service runs in conjunction with Quensh’s existing HSEQ consultancy offering to connect with existing management systems in a bid to strengthen clients’ future sustainability targets.

Donna Hutchison, of Quensh Specialists, said: “The audit undertaken by Bundy was extremely ambitious as it involved five different countries and six different locations. Each Bundy plant conducted a thorough analysis of its energy and water usage, and it was fascinating to see how much progress had already been made in order to reduce consumption. In Brazil, water is being recycled, and this is an activity which will be replicated across other Bundy plants. Furthermore, the company has already began an impressive programme to develop new products which will reduce energy usage. New wing tube technology developed by Bundy is expected to significantly reduce energy consumption in domestic appliances.”

Chris McGeehan, chief executive for Bundy added: “As a large company we are committed to playing our part in protecting our planet. There are 1.5 billion domestic refrigerators and freezers in operation and this is forecast to rise. Commercial refrigeration accounts for 90 million units worldwide.

“Refrigeration production involves large-scale manufacturing and as such it is important that we take stock of our energy consumption and make every effort to reduce it where we can. The CDP disclosure report is an important step towards doing that and I am delighted that the whole team has actively supported these goals and works every day to identify areas of improvement.

“Additionally, we are making excellent progress on developing new products which will change the way cooling and refrigeration systems use energy. With over 60 years of experience, Bundy is in a good position to be able to lead the way in reducing energy and waste, and we look forward to working with our customers to provide industry-leading solutions.”