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Door Warmers

Customized door warmer assemblies provide an energy-efficient solution to eliminate condensation around freezer and fridge/freezer door frames. Door warmers are available in a variety of corrosion resistant coatings.
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Door Warmers

Compressor Parts

From cut-to-length tubing to completely formed and brazed assemblies Bundy Refrigeration works with the leading compressor manufacturers around the world to design, develop and supply tubular components and assemblies for compressor applications. Products are available in both Bundyweld™ double wall tubing and Electricweld single wall tubing. The proven vibration and fatigue resistance of Bundyweld™ double wall tubing is ideal for compressor shock loops and discharge tubes, while Electricweld single-wall tubing is a cost effective alternative for inlet and outlet connections.

Compressor Part

Heat Exchangers

Custom designed suction/capillary heat exchangers can be supplied individually or as part of a fully tested evaporator system.
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