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Bundy’s steel refrigeration tubing is manufactured to meet the internal residue and moisture standards required for today’s high reliability refrigeration systems. A variety of diameters and wall thicknesses are available in both plain and coated steel.


Electricwelded Single Wall Steel Tubing

Single wall steel tubing is the most common type of tubing used in household refrigeration applications. Bundy single wall tubing is manufactured by continuously forming a single low carbon steel strip into a tubular shape and welding the adjoining edges using a high frequency induction welding process. Through strict process controls, the internal weld bead is held to a minimum and all external flashing is removed. Corrosion resistant coatings are applied in-line to assure uniform coverage.


Bundyweld™ Brazed Double Wall Tubing

Double wall tubing is produced by roll forming copper coated carbon steel strip into a double wrapped tubular shape as shown in the cross sectional diagram. The formed tube is passed through a controlled atmosphere brazing furnace where it is fused together to produce a sealed tube. Double wall tubing is ideally suited for use in applications that are subject to high levels of vibration and fatigue, such as household and commercial refrigeration compressors.


Single Wall Electricwelded Steel Tubing

Nominal  OD Nominal Wall Thickness Coating
(mm) (mm) Plain  Zìnc (HDG) Aluminum Copper
4,00 0,7 X X    
4,76 0,7 X X X X
5,00 0,7 X X    
6,00 0,7 X X    
6,35 0,7 X X X X
7,00 0,88 X      
8,00 0,7 X X X X
8,00 0,88 X      
9,50 0,7 X X    
9,52 0,7 X X    
10,00 0,7 X X    
10,00 1,24 X      
11,11 1,20 X      
12,00 1,20 X      
12,70 0,88 X      
13,00 0,88 X      

Double Wall Brazed Steel Tubing

Nominal OD Nominal Wall Thickness
(mm) 0,5 mm 0,7 mm 0,88 mm 1,00 mm
3,16 X X    
4,00 X X    
4,76 X X    
5,56   X    
6,00   X   X
6,35   X X  
7,00   X    
7,94   X    
8,00   X   X
9,52   X    
11,00   X    
11,11   X    
12,00   X    


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