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Bundy Refrigeration’s wide range of evaporator products gives system designers the flexibility needed to select the best possible evaporator for each application.


Roll-Bond Evaporators

Aluminum Roll-Bond evaporators provide unique design flexibility for direct cooling refrigeration systems. The integration of primary and secondary surfaces, combined with the inherent thermal conductivity of aluminum, ensures excellent heat transfer characteristics in a product that can be custom shaped to fit almost any application. Roll-bond evaporators can be supplied with integral suction/capillary heat exchangers or with a variety of inlet/outlet connectors.
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No-Frost Evaporators

From traditional solid fin evaporators to the flexible new Optimizer evaporator with it’s performance enhancing fin configuration, Bundy Refrigeration can provide a no-frost evaporator solution that will give your product a competitive edge in the marketplace.
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Hidden Cold-Wall evaporators

For hidden evaporator applications requiring precise control over refrigerant system volume, Bundy Refrigeration offers both Tube-on-plate and flattened serpentine evaporators made from our patented aluminized steel tubing.


Chest Freezer Evaporators

Bundy Refrigeration’s line of chest freezer evaporators includes both three dimensional serpentines as well as wraparound evaporators. Our wraparound evaporators incorporate “D” section tubing and gooseneck corners to maximize surface contact. Evaporators can be supplied as stand-alone components or assembled with heat exchangers and accumulators as part of a fully tested system.
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